10 Best Tips to Keep Your Business Premises Safe

Regardless of the business you work in, or whether you own or rent commercial premises, you are susceptible to theft, criminal damage, and cybercrime. According to heritage insurance services, all of these can affect the earnings and reputation of your business if you avoid them.

The physical site of your business is likely to contain computers, contracts, private documents, information about customers, accounts, and employees, as well as cash in many circumstances.

Strong security systems are, therefore, essential for businesses to prevent theft and property damage while giving you the chance to cut your insurance costs. It is crucial for any business owner to feel safe and secure in their office area.

In addition to distressing you and your workers, a break-in or damage to your company’s property could risk the continued existence of your business. Even while you can’t completely remove the risk of an incursion or property damage, there are several safeguards you can take to safeguard your company as much as possible.

How can the security of your office building be improved? Here is the checklist by heritage insurance services for keeping your commercial property secure.

  1. Lock out Interlopers

Although it may seem obvious, placing appropriate locks on your commercial property is essential. A five-lever mortise deadlock is typically good, although insurance companies may have specific locks they demand, so confirm this with yours.

Always remember to lock up your office space when you leave it alone. Heritage insurance services suggest, even if you’re only running out for a team lunch or a brief offsite meeting.

Check your Doors and Windows

Glass doors should normally not be preferable because they are simpler for robbers to enter. Steel strips installed around the lock and on the door frame can also strengthen doors.

When your company location is unoccupied, windows should be closed and locked. If you feel like you need an additional layer of security, you could also consider installing security bars.

Protect the Area around your Business Premises

According to heritage insurance services, make sure your external border, such as a wall or fence, is sufficient if you have one. Consider taking it further by incorporating barbed wire into your wall or fence.

Keep ladders, tools, and wheeled trash cans hidden so that potential thieves will find it more challenging to enter your property. Passers-by will be made aware of any attempts to break in by the motion-detection lights illuminated at any entry points.

Install an Alarm or Security System

Your office space needs a suitable alarm system. There are many options, and as a business owner, one important decision is whether or not to choose a monitored alarm.

A monitored system linked to a specialized business that will notify the police and a designated person when it goes off offers an additional degree of security.

This might be helpful because many people disregard alarms or simply find them bothersome. Before installation, ensure your alarm system complies with the requirements set forth by your insurer, or else issues may take place.

Install Motion-detection Lights and CCTV

What other electronic security measures can you implement besides an alarm system to safeguard your company against crime?

Security lighting

As previously noted, installing outside motion-detection lights around your company’s property will assist in frightening off any mischievous individuals.


Knowing that a company has a surveillance system can deter dishonest people. And even if they do go on and commit a crime, the odds of the police apprehending them increase if you have video of the incident.

Establish Strong Security Measures

Controlled visitor access is necessary for any commercial property. For instance, a sign-in procedure is frequently used in an office setting.

Additionally, many workplaces feature turnstiles or speed gates that let authorized staff enter and exit the building. Any employee who doesn’t appear to be wearing an identification card while on your company property should be questioned. Who is in charge of locking up at the end of the day?

Do one or more employees have access to the building where your company is located? You might need to hire more staff, such as security guards or a receptionist at the main entrance, to secure your company property.

Hide Your Business’s Treasures

Be cautious while displaying pricey office supplies and tools, and use safes whenever you can. For instance, laptops are simple to conceal from curious eyes. If there is cash handling on site, keep it to a minimum and ensure your staff is trained in responsible cash handling.

Know where the keys are kept, especially if company vehicles are parked at your business. Keep your keys hidden to prevent opportunistic thieves from taking advantage.

Plan for Your Empty Business Property

Take the following precautions if your business location is vacant for an extended period: First, confirm with your insurer so that your coverage must not impact.

  • Utilize lighting timers to create the appearance of someone on the property and dissuade potential offenders.
  • Seal the letterbox shut from the inside to prevent the problem of posts stacking up while your commercial property is vacant.
  • While sharing excessively on social media may seem like a good idea for an office Christmas party, a business function, or a fun day away, you risk alerting criminals to your vacant commercial property.
  • Stay Attentive

Staying attentive in all aspects of life is very important; the same goes for your business property. We can all become confident in life, but it’s crucial to periodically assess the security measures on your commercial property:

  • Make sure your security alarm system is functioning properly; it could be a good idea to get it maintained by a professional.
  • Examine your entry points and replace any lighting in there.
  • Consider collaborating with nearby companies and keep an eye out for one another.
  • Lessen Any Losses

Unfortunately, even if you take all the obligatory precautions to avoid becoming a victim of crime, it is still possible. If your company’s premises have a chance to get any damage, you might be able to reduce any losses:

  • Make a list of everything of yours, including any pictures, and keep it up to date. Then, use a UV marker to mark the property, so it remains prominent.
  • After an incident, notify the authorities and your insurer right away.
  • Remember that thieves can return after the incident since they know you will have replaced any stolen goods; therefore, in the next weeks, be extra careful and evaluate your security measures.

The Final Words

In a nutshell, if a burglar wants to break in, they will, so there’s no use in going through all this bother, in our opinion. But you cannot avoid these security terms, as they are also very important. One of the most frequent small business insurance claims is theft, which can happen on your property, while you work there, or while traveling. If you still need more justification, you could add the possibility of lowering the cost of your office insurance premiums and ultimately saving your company money to the list. But in the end, go for the tips we have come up with to help you out with the security of your business premises.

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