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5 common things to check when buying tempered glass for dining table

Tempered glass (toughened glass) is thick and dense, offering durability and a prime look that fits with other furniture. Tempered glass is rigid, safe, 4 times stronger than normal glass, and suitable for a dining table. Toughened glass is more heat and pressure resistant as compared to normal glass. 

In this post, you’ll learn important things to remember while choosing tempered glass for tables.


You can choose different designs such as colored tempered glass, painted tempered glass, or simple ones. Also, check out different varieties and products offered by glass sellers near you.


Next, you also have to decide on the required shape. For this, analyze the frame of your table and decide which shape of the glass will fit the best and be attractive. Commonly dining table glass is rectangular, round and oval, and square.

The table’s shape depends upon the size and design of the table frame. You can choose different shapes for different reasons, such as for more people to sit around a table or use oval or rectangular glass. You can use round and rectangular designs for studying, laptops and coffee.

To calculate the size of round table glass, measure the distance from the center point to the edge(radius) with a measuring tape.

To measure the size of a rectangular glass, calculate the length and width (short and long), which is written as 12×16 inches.

To measure the size of glass for an oval table. Calculate the length and width from the center.


One of the main steps in glass selection is deciding and identifying a good quality glass. 

Both outer layers of tempered glass are rigid and condensed due to high-temperature processing, while the inner layer is a little bit soft.

Remember that tempered glass has a smooth finish due to processing at high temperatures (600 C) with chemicals. You can check by scratching metal on glass, and it won’t be prominent and permanent.

Tempered glass has smooth edges due to processing than ordinary glass. Rubbing your hand on the edges is not as sharp and irregular as ordinary glass.

Tempered glass shatters into very small pieces and is more likely installed in populated areas. However, ordinary glass breaks into large and uneven pieces and its sharp edges can be harmful. 

The edges of tempered glass from a certified company will have sandblasted marks (trademarks) such as T or Toughened Glass.

Tempered glass can have dark tinted shadows that are burn marks due to high temperature.

Also, decide about the thickness of the glass according to the design, size, and future use of the table.


The next step is to find a reasonable price for your required glass. Check out prices offered by different companies near you in their online stores. Compare all prices and choose one with the best quality and reasonable price. Also, compare the delivery charges of each service and select one that fits your budget and quality standards. 


It is very important to read customer reviews before choosing a company. Search Google about the company and check reviews for all the companies you have marked as satisfied. Choose a company with maximum positive reviews about its products and service.


Choosing a glass is easy, and the main thing is identifying the quality you need. When buying tempered table glass, decide the glass’s required size, shape, and thickness. Then research different companies, their prices and offers, delivery charges, and customer reviews, and choose a satisfying deal by comparing them.

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