BSB SuperPicks Announces New Mobile Game

Superpicks is a new game for racing fans that is free to play. The objective is to select the winners of the next horse race in a contest that is based on real-time horse racing data. The competition is expected to be extremely competitive, as players will have to make accurate qualifying and race predictions. The game is expected to be played at well-known venues and will culminate with a championship at Brands Hatch.

Super Sunday

Super Sunday is back for the 2022 season and it promises to be as juicy as ever. With a slate of matches including Tottenham vs Chelsea, Juventus vs Milan, and Valencia vs Real Madrid, Sunday’s football fixtures are sure to provide us with plenty to be excited about. MatchWeek 1 gave us a taste of what the season will hold, with surprises from Ajax, Barcelona, and Man United.

Super Sunday is Sky Sports’ flagship live association football programme. It airs live games from across the Premier League on Sundays. Most games kick off at 4:30pm, with later games being shown at 2:00pm. The games can be seen on the Sky Sports Premier League channel. The broadcasts were among the first to use digital on-screen graphics for the live scores and match times. These features have since become a staple of virtually every televised sport around the world.


BSB SUPERPICKS, the new mobile game that rewards players for correct predictions, is being launched by Low6 and the Bennetts British Superbike Championship. The partnership will see four contests per round run in 2022, with the first contest being open to fans for Superpicks 12 at Silverstone.

Each contest has a certain number of points that can be won, and the more people who enter, the bigger the prize pot. With a guaranteed prize pool of up to PS500, BSB SUPERPICKS offers players the opportunity to win big. It’s free to play and requires an online gaming account.

BSB SUPERPICKS is a free pick’em game powered by Low6 and the official BSB Superbikes pick’em app. It allows users to enter their picks in four free contests each round, and keep track of their progress on the leaderboard. BSB SUPERPICKS 12 is the first contest of the day, and Jason O’Halloran is the favourite for the race. In Race 2, Tar Mackenzie will finish on the podium, and in Race 3, he’ll set the fastest lap.

Contest scoring

The BSB Superpicks contest is a multi-event betting game that awards points to players for correct predictions. Each question has a certain number of points, which are displayed underneath the rider or team photo. The goal is to accumulate the most points, while avoiding betting on cancelled/postponed qualifying sessions and races. If a tie is formed, the prize pool is split equally among all players.

For each correct score prediction, a player receives five points. The scores are calculated after 90 minutes of game time or the official injury time. The points are awarded based on the correct score prediction made by a SuperPicks player. If the correct score is predicted, it will count towards a player’s score total, which is a key factor in determining the winner.

SuperPicks is a fun and competitive game, with real money prizes and the thrill of winning. There are usually rounds available most weeks during soccer season, and participants can sign up for a referral bonus worth up to N2.5 million. To increase the chances of winning, a player should choose one or more teams to play in.

SuperPicks is free to play and offers great chances to win cash. To participate in the SuperPicks predictor contest, all you need to do is register for an account, pick out your team of players from the different clubs, and predict the score of a match or a tiebreaker question.

New format for contest

The new format for the SuperPicks contest will allow fans to place their bets before the start of each match. This will allow fans to compete for life-changing cash prizes. Each round of the contest will consist of six fixtures. Each match will have two points awarded to the correct predictions.

Players can also win extra cash by predicting the results of a tiebreaker question. This game is completely free to play and offers a huge chance to win cash. All users need to do is log in and predict the scores of all matches in the SuperPicks contest. They can also earn referral bonuses of up to N2.5 million.

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