Find out the actual difference between the electric head shaver and a razor.

electric head shaver

The variance between an electric head shaver and a beard trimmer is quite huge, and to make confirm that you are obtaining the correct one for your needs – it’s essential to see how they contradict each other.

Although one is perfect for facial shaving – however, to get that close shave, the other has to be suitable to trim the long hair to keep it well-kempt. On the other hand, it will get more intricate with some electric head shavers providing longer-hair-trimming options, while the beard trimmers with exceptional settings are to be used as a rough shaver.

Therefore, it’s valuable to wonder, before you select one for yourself, why you need it for you! Are you looking for an all-in-all shaver (i.e., for face and body) to get a close shave? Elsewise are you simply looking for a trim and won’t need that, where a wet shave can do the job using a manual razor?

So, go through the entire context to find out everything that is essential for you to know about the best head shaver in contrast to the trimmer.

Electric Shavers Offer a Closer Finish: –

electric head shaver

Regardless if you traverse in between the electric head shavers and beard trimmers, it’s quite-comprehensible that the former is always going to provide you with the closest shave. Credit goes to the foil system that drives against the skin, propping up the hairs before cutting them in a scissor-like slice. The sequel is a very skin-close finish.

On the other hand, beard trimmers use an oscillating head that trims the hairs as it touches them – however, it cannot squeeze down the skin without causing harm. Though it can still provide an excellent stubble finish, it’ll never be able to deliver a close shave like a dedicated head shaver.

Beard Trimmers Are Best For Body and Head Hair: –

Though the beard trimmers are better for longer hair, they cannot provide that fine finish the way their sibling’s electric shavers do. It denotes that for trimming beards, head hair, body hair, and anywhere else you can think of hair appearing – this is a fantastic option. Having said that, they’re hair clippers that are not made for long hair. They are much for trimming the ends rather than tackling a daily haircut.

The beard trimmer is remarkable enough to cut in on your face to get clean lines – however, it’s also strong enough to cut through some hair on your head or body. With many also providing adjustable lengths, it’s possible to distinguish the finish you would like for the several areas you’re working of.

– Some Shavers Do Beards Too: – 

It merits nothing when some shavers have a pop-up oscillating blade tool that can be used to trim long hair. This is a subtle detailing piece of equipment that is more about finishing the tips of your hairline since it meets your face than beard trimming. But in a pinch, it’ll work to tidy up those stray hairs. 

Few also offer different head attachments, including beard trimmer style cutters. These all-in-one options can be suitable, although it’s often the case that a dedicated tool will work better than one tries to do too many.

So you can get a close shave using the shaver part and then if you need to trim, it can do it on a much smaller scale than a beard trimmer. Ideal if you’re traveling and need a trim that spots stray hairs.

– Beard Trimmers Provides Combo Attachment Detailing: –

electric head shaver

In contradictory to electric shavers, beard trimmers often come with comb attachments. This lets you administer the depth of the cut. It can define trimming your beard to the same length each time or could signify working on a transition from the beard to the hairline. 

By operating with comb attachments it becomes probable to control the varying length of your hair which means styling. For those that are into it, can even offer haircuts in and offer haircuts with intricate grading for a professional finish. Beard trimmers are especially good at trimming around the ears in the finest setting.

Trimmers Last Longer Than Shavers: –

The self-sharpening blades are usually featured by a trimmer which is made to last a long time. So as long as you service your trimmer daily by keeping it clean and oiled, it can last many years.

On the other hand, an electric shaver provides a fine shave but will go blunt after a few years and need replacing. This isn’t often a costlier replacement but it’s something to keep in mind when you’re seeking upfront and long terms costs. Learn More


A beard trimmer doesn’t provide an exact-shave like the ways an electric head shaver does provide to get a close shave.

Since you can get away with an electric shaver to trim a bit of fine hair, this is not going to be a beard management choice. 

So, in short, beard trimmers are best for beards and body hair kept growing, while electric shavers are best for close facial and body shaves done regularly.

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