How to Enjoy Rainy Days

A rainy days can be a bit boring, but there are plenty of things you can do indoors to pass the time. Alternatively, if the weather is not so bad, you can head outside and enjoy the rain. Cooking is one great indoor activity because it keeps you busy, allows you to experiment with new ingredients, and usually ends up with a delicious result. It’s also a fun opportunity to teach kids some old family recipes.

Fun activities

There are many different activities that you can do with your family on a rainy day. Some of them are art-based, such as painting or making crafts. Others involve physical activities, like dancing or playing board games. You can try Zumba dance classes or ballroom dancing. If you’re not into dancing, try karaoke instead.

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Indoor games

If you want to keep the kids busy during a rainy day, there are many indoor games you can play. Board games such as Checkers, Life, and Monopoly are easy to learn and can keep your kids occupied for hours. While some games are easy enough for a single person to play, others can get quite competitive and require several players. These games can also be a good way to keep the kids occupied after dinner.

You can also try making bubbles. You will need a bowl of water and dish soap, and you can place some dish soap on each plate. Then, use a straw to blow into the suds. Once the bubbles start to form, they can start to measure them to see who can blow the biggest bubble.


Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to craft with your kids. Whether the rain is pouring down from the sky in April, or it’s Rain Day on the 29th of July, crafts are a great way to keep the kids entertained. Rain is an important part of life. It’s special, and it’s especially special after a long, dry summer.

If your kids are young and bored by the thought of being stuck inside all day, you can take advantage of the downtime by making crafts. Many of these activities are easy and require only basic supplies. You can even use items from your own pantry or art supply stash. You can start with a simple project like making a drawstring bag, which is great for beginners. Once finished, the drawstring bag can be used to store art supplies like beads and rocks.


Rather than complaining about a rainy day, turn it into a day of fun and activities. You can bake cookies, cupcakes, or muffins. Kids love to bake, and baking is an easy way to keep them busy. Here are some tips to get your kids into the mood.

Baking: The best part about baking is that you can do it with the whole family. You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive ingredients. You can find recipes online and bake delicious treats to make your rainy day more fun. You can even bake cookies with your kids to share with your friends.

Treasure hunts

Treasure hunts are an excellent way to keep kids entertained on a rainy day. They require a lot of energy, but are the perfect way to get kids to explore and use their powers of deduction. And the best part is, they’re fun! Plus, they pick up the best kind of mess.

Treasure hunts can be as simple or as complex as you want. You can make a list of items to look for and then have your children try to locate them using clues. These clues can be anything from a lone potato to a prized family photo. The kids can also use their imaginations and make up their own fun clues.

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