Arshad Khan – The Chai Wala

If you’ve ever wondered how Arshad Khan became such a hot commodity, then you’ve come to the right place. The chai wala was first introduced to the public in 2016, and his star-worthy performance is sure to impress audiences. If you’ve yet to see him, here are some reasons to check out his films:

Arshad Khan

After being famous on TV shows like Big Bang Theory, Chai Wala is now a real-life person. The actor and model recently took a break from the media. Many were wondering what he was doing – and what he was getting up to. As it turns out, he has been busy setting up his own business. Read on to find out more about this talented actor! Also, learn about his upcoming ventures.

During the hottest part of his career, the Pakistani actor tapped into the thriving tea market. He was once employed by an Islamabad cafe, but his photos were shared thousands of times across the Internet. After the photo went viral, he immediately gained fame, signing modeling contracts and opening a chain of tea shops. He hopes to open his own cafe in the UK soon. For now, he is enjoying life as a successful Chai Wala, but he does want to return to his roots.

During the summer of 2016, Jiah Ali spotted Arshad Khan selling tea in Islamabad, Pakistan. She was mesmerised by his model-like appearance and deep blue eyes. The photos of Arshad pouring tea quickly went viral in the country. Arshad Khan has now opened his own cafe in Islamabad, Pakistan, and has become an internet sensation. But how did this tea seller become so famous?

As the owner of a cafe called Chai Wala, the handsome Pakistani entrepreneur has gone from a street corner tea seller to a multi-million dollar business. The cafe is not just a cafe, but a social initiative for disadvantaged children. In addition to serving coffee and tea to those in need, the cafe provides educational opportunities for these children. The café will also teach them skills for living and survival.

In 2016, Jiah Ali posted a picture of a blue-eyed chai wala. The photo instantly became viral, and Arshad Khan was on his way to becoming a global celebrity. Soon after the photograph went viral, he went on to do some modelling and appeared in a few music videos. Now, the chai wala has opened his own cafe in Islamabad. This cafe, called Cafe Chaiwala Roof Top, also has a rooftop seating area.

Arshad Khan Chai Wala began as a Pakistani chai wala. As a kid, he had no idea that his talent would one day turn into a career in film. Although he was the least handsome of his siblings, he has risen to become one of the biggest stars in Pakistan. He is now famous for his acting and his successful modeling career. He recently featured in a music video.

The concept of a chai wala is rooted in Pakistani culture, and the cafe’s decor is reminiscent of a dhaba. The menu at this cafe includes 15-20 types of accompaniments and a range of teas. A visit to the cafe is sure to become a memorable one for anyone who’s ever been in this part of the world. And, with a few clicks on the website, the cafe can now be your new favorite hangout.

While the dhaaba he used to work in was not his personal property, he has expanded his concept to other countries. He has now signed a franchise agreement with investors in the UK. The cafe opened in Islamabad in October 2020. By May of the following year, he plans to expand the business to three outlets and 10 locations across the UK. In fact, the concept of a chai wala has become so popular that the dhaaba he worked in is not even a Khan’s own.

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