Differences Between Dripify and Octopus CRMLinkedIn Automation Tools?

When beginning to develop an automation strategy for your LinkedIn, one of the first
inquiries you’ll have is: Should I be utilizing Octopus CRM or Dripify? Basically, who wins
the battle of Dripify vs. Octopus CRM? These automation programs have fantastic
capabilities that enable you to save time and connect with a large audience. However,
Dripify vs. Octopus CRM differs in several ways.
The first point in the Dripify vs. Octopus CRM comparison, Octopus CRM is a complete
LinkedIn automation platform made for marketers, hiring managers, and business owners.
On the other hand, the LinkedIn automation tool Dripify was developed for salespeople to
enhance prospecting and close more deals.
Where does your company fit into all of this? Why not examine the advantages and
disadvantages of each automation technology to assist you in determining which one is the
best to utilize? Read on to discover which platform is better for your business.


Dripify is one of the greatest LinkedIn autopilots and was made particularly for lead
creation. It has incredible qualities to aid in developing your LinkedIn lead generation
Dripify autopilot for LinkedIn is quite simple compared to other automation applications
that call for some technical prowess. It is simple enough for beginners to handle. It features
a user-friendly UI, top-notch tutorial videos, and helpful customer support.
The abundance of advantages that Dripify may provide is another reason why so many
business owners employ it. Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and businesses of all sizes
can all use Dripify for their businesses.
Dripify can assist you in developing a perfect LinkedIn marketing strategy in the most
effective manner possible. It costs a little more than comparable automation software, but
it’s still well worth the money. Advanced analytical capabilities in the automation tool
provide information on conversion rates and other team statistics.

Octopus CRM

The #1 LinkedIn automation tool, Octopus CRM, is used by companies to import LinkedIn
profiles, send mass connection requests, and send automated messages. Almost any
LinkedIn task may be automated using this application, which has a single dashboard and
command center.
It works best for freelancers, and small enterprises whose main lead-generating strategies
rely more on LinkedIn marketing. Octopus CRM features incredible performance metrics
and collaboration tools you can share with everyone in the company, just as Dripify.
Additionally, it offers campaign management, which enables you to customize and adjust
each project.
Although it has the word “CRM” in its name, Octopus CRM is not a CRM. It resembles a
LinkedIn lead finder more closely, which you may automate to work independently. You
won’t be able to export leads to your CRM until the software finds them for you.
Octopus CRM’s unique multi-functional personal CRM page, where you can manage and
store leads, sets it apart from other marketing tools. Additionally, you may establish
campaigns, sales funnels, and automated actions here.
Numerous customers have complimented Octopus CRM for quickly assisting them in
expanding their network of connections. In addition, Octopus CRM can help you free up a
lot of time to work on more crucial office duties because it automates many routine

Dripify: Pros and Cons

There are numerous benefits to using Dripify. But ultimately, it frequently depends on your
kind of company and how you create leads. Dripify differentiates out from the competition
for the following reasons:
Campaign maker that is simple to use: Dripify is a cutting-edge automation tool made to
simplify campaigns on LinkedIn.
Comprehensive Analytics: Dripify lets you monitor the effectiveness of your team
members, important campaign data, and conversion rates.

Safe Algorithm: Dripify’s well-constructed system will prevent the suspension of your
account. Its automated operations use a variety of delays to mimic human behavior.
Built for Teams: Dripify’s team collaboration tools make it simple for your company to
use. You can ask your coworkers to collaborate with you on Dripify campaigns. In addition,
you can assign roles if you’re the manager so that everyone knows their responsibilities.
Not all companies can use Dripify to their advantage. The tool can yet be enhanced in
several areas because it isn’t yet ideal. Dripify might not be the ideal automation tool for
your company for the following reasons:
No mobile app: There is just a desktop version of Dripify. Your statistics or performance
cannot be opened or viewed on a mobile device.
No email chain: No templates are available for giving followers customized messages.

Octopus CRM: Pros and Cons

The best LinkedIn automation solution for businesses is Octopus CRM. Through clever
automation of straightforward LinkedIn operations, it lets organizations interact with and
acquire a continuous stream of consumers or clients. Here are some justifications for
selecting Octopus CRM:
● Thanks to Octopus CRM’s enhanced search filters, targeted prospects may now be
found by utilizing precise search phrases for their title, talents, and company.
● Octopus CRM has a fantastic support staff that is always there to assist you with any
problems you may run into while using the app.
● Octopus CRM is the all-in-one automation solution you need to expand your
presence across all LinkedIn platforms. It can generate leads, create connections,
and strengthen your rapport with present customers.
● You can easily combine Octopus CRM with the potent LinkedIn Sales Navigator to
identify new businesses.
● Octopus CRM gives users who want to test the software before buying a license a
free trial.

● Octopus CRM won’t request your LinkedIn login information. Your LinkedIn account
is still fully in your hands. Their entire automation portfolio is completely secure.
The drawbacks of employing this automation technology must be understood. The
following are some reasons why Octopus CRM might not be your best option for
automation software:
● Poor pipeline editing and prospect labeling tools are available in Octopus CRM,
which provides limited editing flexibility.
● Videos for training are insufficient because they only teach the fundamentals of
utilizing Octopus CRM. There isn’t a comprehensive tutorial to guide users through
using all of its capabilities.

Why choose Dripify LinkedIn automation?

You should always select an automated solution as a recruiter, business owner, or
marketer to simplify your advertising, marketing, prospecting jobs. Dripify is fantastic
because it expands your visibility and reaches the site by utilizing the boundless network of
B2-B entrepreneurs on LinkedIn.
You may manage your onboard team members with the Dripify LinkedIn automation tool
by monitoring and evaluating their performance. You may look at the metrics for each
campaign you have made by looking at your daily statistics.
However, the main benefit of using Dripify is its sophisticated approach to testing. You may
design and test different campaigns using Dripify until you find the one that works best for
you. Dripify offers a customized networking strategy that adds a more real human touch to
everything and more accurate automated outreach.

Why choose Dripify over Octopus CRM?

Numerous aspects must be considered while selecting the best LinkedIn automation
solution.. Using the appropriate automation software will ultimately benefit your company
over the long run.
Dripify is a versatile LinkedIn automation solution to assist sales teams in increasing
LinkedIn prospecting and completing more deals while operating automatically. Since
Dripify offers total automation and operates in the cloud, you can use it even when your
device is off. You can quickly set up your sales funnels using this tool, which will take care

of the rest. To increase lead generation, you may use Dripify to develop drip campaigns
using different LinkedIn actions.
Dripify has a user interface that is simpler to use. As a result, anyone can quickly
understand its features, including less tech-savvy marketers. Additionally, it has a cleaner
user interface and better instructional videos.
Although Octopus CRM is user-friendly, newbies may find it a little too complicated. Many
people also criticize the software’s brief tutorials for not introducing users to more
complex uses of the program.
Dripify is also far more compatible with other LinkedIn accounts. Even with a free LinkedIn
account, you can use Dripify. Sales Navigator, Recruiter Lite, and LinkedIn Premium are
compatible with them. Dripify is for you if you’re committed to enhancing your lead
generation efforts without running the danger of being banned from LinkedIn.

Packages available on Dripify

Dripify has three fundamental price packages: Basic, Pro, and Advanced. The Basic package
costs $39, the Pro package is $59, and the Advanced package is $79 per month. Although
some people may think these fees are expensive, Dripify’s services make it worthwhile to
spend the money.


It’s critical to maintain your business’s respect. Nobody enjoys reading “spammy”
connection message requests on LinkedIn, and utilizing either of these apps won’t give you
that experience.
Additionally, with this great feature, you may respond to leads by controlling all of the
interactions in your smart inbox. Last, you might want to use Dripify to obtain any data
pertinent to your leads and export it to a CSV file for additional campaigns, analysis, and
other purposes.
So, who won Dripify vs. Octopus CRM? Both Octopus CRM and Dripify excel at what they
offer, including cutting-edge LinkedIn sales solutions for your company, compared to other
LinkedIn automation software. Therefore, if you’re serious about enhancing your LinkedIn
prospecting and lead creation, you should go with Dripify.

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