With the Internet, many people have learned to build profitable businesses with low start-up costs, low production costs, and little if any overhead involved. We were all blown away by how easy it was to build an online business, and having a global reach to be able to connect with thousands, if not millions of potential customers from all over the world definitely made us sit down and Forced to pay attention.

Easy is it to construct a success online business enterprise

In every market and industry, you’re inundated with competition. Even ranking in Google for your chosen key phrases may be a time-consuming and frustrating process. That’s not to say you can’t make a living online with your website and product line, you can, but we’ve become so narrow-minded in believing that to be a successful entrepreneur. , should always be our primary focus. Start and end with the internet.

But surely this is not new to you?

You already know how profitable an online presence can be and even if you don’t know how to do all the different services you’ll start offering local businesses, you already know. How to outsource it to experienced professionals and freelancers. You know about marketplaces, forums, freelance communities and all you have to do is save the project – hand over the work to the freelancer – and get cash.

Having an offline business plan

Creating your business plan is the first step to being able to connect with offline clients. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to develop your service plan, and you don’t even need to rent office space when you’re just starting out. Most of your meetings will be at your clients’ businesses, but you may also have regular phone conversations after sealing a deal.

Then, with each new business you interact with, you adjust that service offering to their needs, cutting out what’s not needed or adding a handful of services that each one needs. The company will benefit directly. So, this is where you need to go by defining your service offerings, assigning price points to each service and ironing out the finer details.

Some ideas about services you can offer.

• Web development

 Developing your websites and blogs, SILO structures, email campaigns.

 • Training

 After building their online business, you can offer personal training services where you show them how to maintain their websites, update their pages, etc.

 • Content development

Create articles for advertising purposes, website article updates, brochures, press releases, etc. You need to create a service page on a professionally designed website that clearly outlines the various service packages you offer, along with an approximate pricing structure, or Even better, give visitors the chance to fill out a form to request a custom quote.

• Promotional materials

 Creation You can offer to integrate an affiliate program, provide affiliate creations and so on. 

• Email Marketing 

A service every business needs but few actually have is email marketing. Most website building companies don’t offer this service to their clients, so companies that already have websites usually don’t use it either.

• SEO and traffic service

 Obviously, the websites you build will need traffic, which means you’ll need to do some search engine optimization and other traffic work.

You will need to build backlinks for the site, the company will need to be listed in various online directories including Google local search. You can charge for initial setup and optimization as well as any ongoing monthly services such as backlink building. This can be a great additional source of income every month.

How to start building your client base

Almost any local business can benefit from your services. Even a small local convenience store can bring in more business through a website and email list! No customer is too small to have an online presence, so don’t worry about trying to reach “just the right kind of business.” In fact, any business is the right type of business for this system!

Consolidating sales

Once you’ve found a potential client and they seem interested, it’s time to close the sale. This is one of the hardest parts for most people, as most people fear rejection. When you’re worried about rejection, you’re reluctant to ask for the sale.

Payment process

With every client you take on, you’ll want to create a contract that clearly defines your responsibilities as well as any financial obligations associated with the contract. Some clients may pay you up front, which is always best, and at least require you to deposit the total cost of the service.

However, most businesses will expect you to be able to pay you after you finish the job. In fact, many businesses are accustomed to paying on a Net-30 basis, which means they receive invoices for most of the goods and services they purchase that they can pay 30 days later.


Building a relationship with each client is incredibly important and the more you work to communicate with each client on a regular basis, involving them more throughout the process and showing them that by learning how to improve their business, you’ll be able to position yourself so you never have to look for project work again – they’ll come to you!

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