The Pros and Cons of CBD For Older Adults

The Pros and Cons of CBD for Olders are often debated, but cannabidiol is an increasingly popular supplement for the elderly. A recent study found that senior citizens experiencing anxiety reduced by up to 80% after a single month of CBD use. While CBD has no psychoactive effects, it does have some limitations. Some elderly individuals have trouble sleeping, or even have difficulty concentrating. If you’re considering CBD for your senior loved one, make sure to read the pros and cons of CBD for older adults first.

Cannabidiol is non-addictive

A recent legalization of cannabis has spurred a review of the evidence about the use of cannabis. Research suggests that older adults are an increasingly prevalent group of cannabis users. It is important to recognize that the natural aging process puts these people at increased risk of negative health effects associated with cannabis use. This scoping review aims to map the evidence base for cannabis use in older adults to help guide clinical care, policy, and future research directions.

Although studies have shown a favorable impact of cannabinoids on pain, they have failed to show any reduction in opioid use in patients. Recent reviews also found that cannabis use was not associated with decreased pain severity, a decrease in interference with daily activities, and a reduction in the need for opioids. Nonetheless, more research is needed to determine if cannabis is effective in treating chronic non-cancer pain.

It is non-intoxicating

Although medical marijuana has legal status in many states, older patients are increasingly interested in CBD oil for pain and other conditions. This non-intoxicating chemical is extracted from the resin of the cannabis and hemp plants. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp CBD products became legal. However, manufacturers cannot claim therapeutic benefits or sell them to the public, as these products would be subject to federal government regulation. Still, many older adults have found that the benefits of CBD oil are more than sufficient for their condition.

The psychoactivity of cannabis is a concern for older adults, but with the legalization of medical marijuana, users can control the amount of THC and the dose. By choosing low-THC strains with high levels of CBD, the potential for a high is minimized. It is always best to consult with a medical professional before starting cannabis use for older adults, especially if they have other health problems, such as cardiac problems, multiple medications, or cognitive changes.

It reduces chronic pain

CBD is a natural alternative to traditional pharmaceutical painkillers and is a promising treatment option for older adults who suffer from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and joint pain. However, there are some cautions to take when taking CBD for older adults. Firstly, not all CBD products are created equal, with some containing more than others. Second, not all research has focused on older adults and does not apply to them.

Most medications prescribed to older adults for different types of ailments have long-term side effects, including the development of tolerance. Some medications even lead to dependence and addiction, which can damage the body over time. CBD is proven to reduce chronic pain and fight the development of opioid dependency. It may also help combat withdrawal and relapses caused by opioids. However, more research is needed to confirm whether or not CBD has beneficial effects for older adults.

It reduces stress

A recent study has shown that CBD for older adults can decrease stress levels. Seniors are often susceptible to heart problems, especially those related to high blood pressure. CBD for older adults can reduce stress levels by lowering resting blood pressure and decreasing the effects of stress on the body. CBD is also suspected to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may decrease cardiac inflammation and deter the death of heart-related cells. These benefits are worth investigating further.

It is known that daily stress can interfere with the health of the brain, resulting in memory loss and other cognitive deterioration. However, CBD can reduce stress by interacting with the brain’s mood-regulation receptors. This may explain the reason why the substance is beneficial for senior citizens. CBD is said to be effective for treating anxiety and sleeping disorders. It can also help improve memory and prevent irritability, which is an integral part of aging.

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